23 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba

BIM Test for Pipe BookShelf

I wanted to start my new project for my little home. We are living 1+1 home and we need a desk and bookshelf for the one part of our wall. We wanted to make a bookshelf with pipes. Than suddenly I realized that I can use Revit for my schedules and understand how it will be seem to  me.

First I tried to design with oldschool. (Paper and Pen) Than I inserted my design in to Revit. After finishing all details I created my Sheet and schedules. So I could easily understand how many fittings and how long pipe you needed.

Than I cut my pipes and threaded them.But I understood there is a important part for threaded pipes. You must add 3cm to your pipes if you wanted see true length of pipe. Than I added 3 cm (threaded pipes) all my pipes length. After I finished my pipes cut and thread process, I cleaned them and tried connect them is everyyhing ok.

It is really helpfull for me to understand how my pipes look like and give a spool for the construction. Than I wanted to add a lamp for our desk. This lamp switch will control with Valve. :) I found every equipments and created circuit. ( I added a video for how it is work)


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